A Lady's Ruminations

"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Buy Red!

I'm sure you have all seen this website before, but I'm going to post about it anyway: BuyBlue.org.

Some enterprising Liberals (words that don't commonly go together, I know) decided to create a website identifying the political leanings of various companies. That way Blue people could buy from Blue companies. It also allows Red Staters to know where to shop and where not to.

I'm pleased to note that Hershey Food Corporation is a pretty solidly red company. Now I don't have to give up Hershey chocolates, Thank God! ;)

BuyBlue.org rates companies as varying degrees of blue or red (using a little blue jacka$$ and a little red elephant; the size varies according to how blue or red). Companies that give to both parties rate a little scale with a donkey and an elephant. Apolitical companies have a $ with a line through it.

Oh, I'm also happy to note that Michael's Craft Stores are very Red. Now I can keep spending lots of money there. ;)

Some of the ratings don't seem to match up with what I've heard or seen about certain companies, but others seem right on.

It doesn't hurt to do your shopping at stores that believe in the same things you do.

I'm pleased to see the Mariners are ranked red. Too bad they can't buy a win this year.