A Lady's Ruminations

"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What "integrity and class"?

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh this morning. He played some clips of Bette Midler opening her big fat mouth at the "Big Apple to Big Easy" Hurricane Relief Concert the other night.

Here is the transcript from his show this morning.

MIDLER: I could stand up here and talk for hours (cheering) about ineptitude, stupidity (louder cheering), blame, in-e-qual-i-ty, global warming (cheering), the dangerous destruction of the wetlands. But if I did, what will all those other people have to talk about? I'm telling you these are -- these are not just dangerous times, these are -- these times are disastrous. We're surrounded by disasters! The war, the hurricane, the Fox News. (cheering) It just goes on and on. I get so depressed!

RUSH: I'm wondering if the Hurricane Katrina victims watching this wonder how this is going to help them. (laughing) What's this got to do with that? Bette Midler then continued.

MIDLER: A terrible thing happened to me. Today I got a letter from the Republican Party thanking me (boos) thanking me, thanking me for supporting this administration's policies. I did what any self-respecting American of integrity and class would do, I wrote "Go [bleep] yourself!" (wild cheering) I sent it back! Postage due!
MIDLER: I would never actually pick on George Bush, because, you know, he's a big fan of mine. He came to see me in the seventies, came to a show of mine in the seventies. A coke dealer of his, uh, got him some tickets, and... (cheers) Tonight we are here to be together, to help rebuild the Gulf coast, to help -- help rebuild the soul of America, the soul of America, New Orleans, New Orleans. We have to find a way to start listening to each other, to nature, and to the rest of the world, because who wants to live with so much danger.
Why do "celebrities" (or in this case, has-beens) think that anyone wants to hear what they have to say about anything? This sort of rant at a fundraiser doesn't show "integrity and class." Bette Midler has no "integrity and class." Rather, Bette Midler showed her brashness, her ignorance, and her classlessness.

Rush is right: what are the people who the concert benefits thinking while they watch? How many people did her stupid, selfish rant drive off?

Perhaps she should think before she opens her mouth.