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Friday, July 29, 2005

How do you say "goodbye" in German?

Yahoo News: U.S. Army to Leave 13 Bases in Germany:

The U.S. Army will pull out of 13 bases in southern Germany as part of its repositioning of American forces around the world, its European headquarters said Friday.

Eleven bases in and around the Bavarian city of Wuerzburg will be handed over to the German government by September 2007, the Army's European headquarters in Heidelberg said. Two more bases near Wuerzburg will close and be handed over in subsequent years.

The Defense Department said the changes will affect about 6,100 soldiers and 11,000 family members as well as about 1,000 Army civilian employees and 1,000 civilians employed locally.

While facilities like the huge Ramstein Air Base, a hub for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, are being retained, Washington is bringing many units home and opening smaller, more flexible bases abroad to respond to new threats such as international terrorism.

The new bases will host U.S.-based troops rotating through for shorter periods of time, without the schools and family housing that went with Cold War-era bases.

The U.S. military still has about 62,000 service members based in Germany, a legacy of the Cold War. U.S. officials have said that will fall to as few as 20,000. The military has said a total of about 50,000 troops will be brought home from Germany and South Korea.
I see no need to keep our military bases in Germany, especially if Gerhard Schroeder and his comrades will not support our liberation in Iraq. Why should we put all that money into their economy?

And as NR's Jonah Goldberg said here, "Our nation-building efforts there have finally concluded!"