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Friday, July 29, 2005

Cry Me A River

Yahoo News: 30 Kids Left Behind After Immigration Raid:

ARKADELPHIA, Ark. - About 30 children, some as young as 3 months old, were left without their parents after immigration agents raided a poultry plant and took the parents away to face possible deportation.

While some of the arrested workers were able to call and arrange care for their children, others were not and a local church had to help make arrangements.

The mayor said what happened to the children was a shame.

"A lot of those families had kids in day care in different places, and they didn't know why Mommy and Daddy didn't come pick them up," Arkadelphia Mayor Charles Hollingshead said.

Federal agents arrested 119 people Tuesday in a raid that was triggered after a former worker at Petit Jean Poultry said she supplied others with fake identification cards. Authorities said 115 were from Mexico, two were from Honduras and the others were from El Salvador and Guatemala.

Temple Black, a spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in New Orleans, said Friday that each person arrested was asked whether they had children and they all said they did not.
Oh, too bad! I love the way the media plays the illegal alien stories: children traumatized by parents' deportation.

These people are criminals---they broke the law to enter this country, they broke the law to have jobs, they broke the law by using fake ids, and they broke the law to put their kids in public schools. I have no sympathy when they have to face the consequences of their illegal activity.

That's what should happen when you break the law in this country. If you didn't think about how the consequences would affect your family, then too bad. The police are not there to play baby-sitter, or arrange for you to make arrangements for childcare.

This article seems to lay the blame on the police, who were doing their sworn duty, because they took the parents away from their children! As if the police just walked up to some people on the street, took them away, and left the children standing there crying.

I guess we just have to deport the children too. After all, they shouldn't be away from their parents, and their parents shouldn't be in the United States.