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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The ACLU's Authorized War

It seems like every where I look these days, the ACLU is again at war. A war on what, you ask, on terrorism? On drugs? On criminals?

The sad truth is that the ACLU is at war with Christianity. ACLU might as well stand for Anti-Christian Liberty Union.

Now, anyone who has read the Constitution (which wouldn't include the majority of students in our country's schools, whose teachers won't teach our Constitution, not to mention that the children cannot read) and isn't a moron (which rules out Liberals) knows that the First Amendment says:
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free practice thereof;
Now, those who have actually studied history (which would, again, exclude the children mentioned above---and liberals who only read revised and relativist history) know that when the Constitution of the United States (which includes the Bill of Rights) was written Great Britain had an established religion, Anglicanism. Actually, England is still an Anglican country.

If one goes even further back than the writing of the Constitution, one finds that the Pilgrims aka the Puritans came to the "New World" in order to escape the forced practice of the established religion in England.

Fast forward back to the writing of the Constitution. The Founding Fathers decided to create a Christian country, where Christians could practice their religion without the government forcing them to attend any specific church.

They were merely prohibiting the government from selecting Anglicanism or Puritanism or Catholicism, etc., as the established religion of the country. They were not creating a secular government that could not include religion. That would have been the last thing on their minds.

After all, how many Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus do you think were settling in this country? Not that many.

Instead, the Founding Fathers wrote an Amendment to the Constitution that protected the rights of Christians to practice their denomination of Christianity freely, without worry that the government would round them up and force them into the Anglican Church.

Since then, we have graciously opened our borders to people of all religions---or those who practice none at all. This does not change the fact that this Nation was founded as, and remains, a Christian nation. Back then, only Anglicans could hold government office. Only Anglicans could be members of the Aristocracy (non-Anglican aristocrats had to be excellent actors!). Only Anglicans could even vote! And until recently, the Monarch of England was not allowed to marry anyone other than an Anglican.

Some how, people have the ridiculous notion that "separation of church and state" is an actual legal fact---that it is actually in the Constitution. Perhaps it is written in ink visible only to liberals, then, because I've never seen those words in that document.

Instead, it says "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion." In other words, Congress cannot pick a denomination of Christianity and make it the official religion, one which everyone must practice.

Notice also, that it says "Congress." At the time this was written, many of the individual states had their own established religions. There is no law, unless a state's consitution expressly prohibits it, that says a state of the Union cannot have an established religion to this day. The state I (unfortunately) live in, Washington, could establish a religion today if our state constitution allows it (and all the liberals died or moved away). Nothing could stop us.

(Wait, of course the ACLU would attempt to. The ACLU seems to forget the First Amendment exists, except when it concerns Wiccans or Muslim terrorists who want to kill us all.)

Further, notice that the First Amendment in no way prohibits the government or the people who work for it from practicing or mentioning religion. Rather, it explicitly states that the government cannot prohibit us from practicing our religion. We can do it freely. And since We the People make up the government, we can have as much religion as We the People want in the government.

We must note that this issue has never actually been taken to We the People, by the government, for a vote. We have never been allowed to decide for ourselves, as the Founding Fathers intended, what we want. Unelected Judges and Unfortunately Elected Idiots (aka Members of Congress), as well as Unfortunately Elected Democrats Who Stained the Presidency, have done the deciding for us.

And now the ACLU thinks it knows what is best. In past years, the ACLU has authorized a war on all Christians. They try to tear down our crosses, burn our Bibles, and lock the doors of our churches. The incidents are too many to mention. At Christmas, the time we celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, students go on "Winter Break" and have "holiday parties," though I doubt "Holy-day" will be in use much longer. Nativity scenes and Christian symbols are no longer allowed on public property. At school concerts students only sing "Jingle Bells" and "Frosty the Snowman." Songs like "Silent Night" and "Away in a Manger" and "Joy to the World" are too divisive, simply because they mention Jesus, who the liberals, including and especially those at the ACLU, hate more than Osama bin Laden (I guess they will be enjoying the Heat when they have made the choice not to be with Jesus in the end).

Prayer is now prohibited in our public schools, schools that allow sex education and gay/lesbian weeks and all sorts of immoral behavior. Teams can no longer say prayers together before going out to the gym floor or the grass of the football or baseball field. Parents and students cannot voluntarily say a prayer before any such event. Students are chastised for saying prayers at their own Commencement Ceremonies, in the speeches they wrote on their own.

We are being told that We the People cannot voluntarily pray or invoke Christ's Name or gather in or show our symbols in public buildings belonging to us, the People, or in public places belonging to us, the People.

Voluntarily. Voluntarily. That means we decide to participate or not. No one is forced to join the prayer. No one is forced to look at the Nativity scene and think about Christ's birth. No one is forced to sing "Joy to the World, the Savior reigns." We do this voluntarily. Because we are a Christian Nation.

And if people don't like it, then don't look. Don't listen. Don't sing. After all, liberals are fond of telling us, "if you don't like it, turn the channel" or "turn the station" or "don't go there." Why don't they take their own advice?

To join "Stop the ACLU" or read today's blogburst by Jay, visit here. And say a prayer for our beloved country.