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Friday, July 29, 2005

How dare he!

How dare the President go to his own home for a vacation!!! I mean, the Clintons at least took trip after trip after trip after trip around the world! They at least were enjoying foreign cultures and spending lots of (taxpayer) money taking everyone in their family with them! Why can't George W. be more like them? And it isn't as though all the Senators and Representatives are leaving for August . . . oh wait, they are.

This USA Today article is headlined "Bush plans 50th ranch trip in five years."

It will be the president's 50th trip to the ranch since he was elected nearly five years ago.
Like that's really a lot of visits to one's own home. One would think the President doesn't do any work while he's there.

Except that,

Bush looks forward to being able to "shed the coat and tie" at his more casual home near the small town of Crawford, Texas. Bush plans to travel to seven states from the ranch and hold at least 10 events to tout his agenda, including the war on terror and his economic priorities.
And also unlike the Clintons, he actually owns his own home---he hasn't lived in taxpayer funded residences for the majority of his adult life. Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas from 1978-1992, with the exception of 4 years, which meant he lived in the Governor's Mansion until he moved into the formerly White House (which should have been painted with a big A while he was in residence).

(Hat tip: Drudge Report)