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Thursday, July 07, 2005

"Four London Blasts Kill 40, Injure 350"

Smaller number than earlier, but could rise. The London Underground is completely shut down.

Richard Clarke is an idiot. Reuters calls him a "U.S. terrorism expert." This is what he had to say this morning:
This is a highly complex, coordinated attack. This is clearly in my mind related to the fact that the prime minister of the United Kingdom is at the other end of the country hosting the leaders of the industrial world.

If it is Islamic terrorism -- jihadist terrorism -- they are sending a message that the leaders of the industrial world are being mocked and laid low by the jihadist terrorists.

Is this really a "highly complex, coordinated attack"? Blowing up some bombs on some subways and a bus. Yes, these attacks were right up there with our use of highly intelligent missiles with pin-point technology, that can take down one building without leaving a scratch on surrounding buildings.

And how exactly are these cowardly Jihadists mocking the leaders of the industrial world? Through their use of primitive and soft targets? It isn't as though they launched a massive military attack using the latest in weapons. They are able to do this sort of thing precisely because they use the liberty free countries afford them to walk down a street and put a bomb of some kind on a bus or subway. The problem is that anyone can do this, anyone. Unless we begin restricting the basic right to move freely about, they can do this.

That does not mean the leaders of the industrial world have been mocked or laid low. Rather, some little yellow "animals," for they do not deserve to be called men, have committed acts of terror upon innocent Brits, on their way to work. There is nothing courageous about this sort of attack. Nothing at all.