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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Well, then, sign him up!

Reid: Gonzales Qualified for High Court:

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday pronounced Attorney General Alberto Gonzales qualified to sit on the Supreme Court but added, "I don't know if he'd have an easy way through" Senate confirmation.

Reid also chided conservatives for criticizing Gonzales, a potential high court nominee, while President Bush was overseas. "I think it's too bad the president has to respond in Denmark about statements from the far right," he said. "People here have gone a little too far."

Well, if Harry Reid thinks Alberto Gonzales is good enough, then that's good enough for me! After all, Reid said:

"Alberto Gonzales is qualified. He's attorney general of the United States and a former Texas judge," Reid said. "But having said that he's qualified, I don't know if he'd have an easy way through."
Thanks for the advice, Harry, but I think we conservatives are big people and can figure out what we think for ourselves. And frankly, we have not said anything horrible about Alberto Gonzales. Are we not allowed to question his credentials from our platform, values, and moral viewpoint? First we do not criticize the President enough for his mistakes and now we are criticizing a member of his administration too heavily? I am sure liberals would love it if we just did not speak or write at all.

And what about Reid himself calling the President "a loser" and "a liar"? That wasn't too far? Is he saying people only go too far when they only refer to a person's record, rather than ad hominem attacks? And what about his fellow liberals calling President Bush "a Nazi" and all sorts of foul things? Those were not too far?

Seriously, if Alberto Gonzales has Harry Reid's "qualified" stamp, why should we bother considering him? He is not conservative enough for me. I want a good, solid conservative who was never a member of La Raza. I want a conservative like Justice Antonin Scalia or Justice Clarence Thomas. We should be somewhat wary of anyone "Dingy Harry" (as El-Rushbo calls him) recommends.

Really, can Reid possibly be as dumb as he seems?

Reid voted against Gonzales' appointment to Bush's Cabinet. Jim Manley, a spokesman for Reid, said the senator "feels that he obviously has the credentials and he is worthy of consideration for all the reasons he did cite."

At the same time, Manley said Reid "does feel that there is a process that needs to be respected ... and he'll wait for that process to work its way."

So, if Gonzales "has the credentials" and all that, then why won't Reid vote for him? Could it be simply because President Bush chose him? Could it be that no one President Bush nominates, no matter how well-qualified (Owens, Estrada, Brown, Saad, etc.) , will receive an affirmative vote from Harry Reid, simply because President Bush nominates him?

It is nice to hear that Harry Reid believes the process "needs to be respected." Perhaps he could practice what he preaches and actually respect the process of "advise and consent" that has been around for over 200 years. He's going to have plenty of chances coming up. Let's see how he "respects the process" if the President nominates a good, Conservative to fill Sandra O'Connor's seat on the Supreme Court.