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Thursday, July 07, 2005

"Barbaric" Terrorist Attacks Hit London

In case you do not know, this morning 4 terrorist attacks hit London, England, during rush hour, between 8:30-9:30 Greenwich Time. Three separate bombs went off in the London Underground, the subway. Another blew up on of England's famous Double Decker Buses. As of8:15am PST, about 45 are dead, 1,000 wounded, and 150 seriously wounded.

A previously unknown group, "Secret Group of Al Qaeda's Jihad in Europe," claimed responsibility in the name of Al Qaeda for the blasts, saying they were in retaliation for Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. The group claimed the attack in a Web site posting and warned Italy and Denmark to withdraw troops from those two countries. Arabic satellite station Al Jazeera also reported that it had received a phone call from the group claiming responsibility.

The claim could not be verified.

A statement from the group was published on a Web site popular with Islamic militants, according to Elaph, a secular Arabic-language news Web site, and Der Spiegel magazine in Berlin, which published the text on their Web sites.

"Rejoice, Islamic nation. Rejoice, Arab world. The time has come for vengeance against the Zionist crusader government of Britain in response to the massacres Britain committed in Iraq and Afghanistan," said the statement, which was translated by The Associated Press in Cairo. "The heroic mujahedeen carried out a blessed attack in London, and now Britain is burning with fear and terror, from north to south, east to west."

The Terror Level for all Trains and Subway Systems in the United States has been moved to Orange.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is leaving the G-8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, to head back to London.

Mr. Blair said, "We shall prevail and they shall not."

"Whatever they do, it is our determination that they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear in this country and in other civilized nations throughout the world."

Amen. My thoughts and prayers are with the British. We will not let these bastards glory in their wickedness. If they want to die, we will oblige them.