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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"British Teen in Hospital After Disney Ride"

A 16-year-old British girl was in critical condition Tuesday after her heart stopped following a Disney World thrill ride, one month after a young boy died after going on another attraction.

Now, her heart stopped while she was on the ride. The ride did not squash her. It did not throw her. It did not harm her. Her heart stopped. Couldn't this happen at any time? Couldn't it happen if her parents were driving down a big mountain quickly?

I am tired of reports of people becoming ill on theme park rides and having the media link the rides with the illnesses. People die from their hearts stopping, etc., every day. That does not mean that the ride is to blame.

I hate amusement park rides because I hate heights, but if I had a medical condition it is my responsibility to think before I go on them. Even if I don't know I have a medical condition, something like my heart stopping cannot be blamed on the park operators. What are we supposed to do? Make potential riders take physicals before going on the rides? Ridiculous.

I do hope the girl recovers completely. How many people go on these rides every day? I am no mathematician, but what are the odds of this sort of thing happening? It really can't happen that often.