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Monday, July 11, 2005

Whine in Paris

So, now the Paris mayor, Bertrand Delanoe, is whining that Tony Blair criticized Paris in regards to the 2012 Olympics. France, of course, lost the bid to London. See my post here.

Delanoe did not offer specific accusations, though two consultants for the British bid were critical of the sightlines at the Stade de France, considered a centerpiece of Paris' bid. Under IOC rules, the bid cities are prohibited from criticizing each other.

However, after reviewing the remarks, Paris officials decided not to complain to the IOC ethics commission. The IOC said it wouldn't pursue the matter.

On Saturday, IOC president Jacques Rogge said none of the cities broke rules designed to stamp out corruption in the bidding process.

And the French decide not to officially complain, meaning there is not much truth to the matter, but they still whine that they were not treated fairly. Wah wah! No wonder they always lose wars.