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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Schools Gone Wild . . . and they are taking your children with them!

Should schools be allowed to teach children entrusted to their care about anything in the world?

Musing Minds and Oh How I Love Jesus have a great post about another Lib ruling from the Lib 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

You can find it here or here.

And, an excerpt:

Parents brought suit against the Palmdale school district over a survey that was taken of elementary students asking questions about the frequency of the childrens' "thinking about sex" and "thinking about touching other people's private parts".

The court has said that what a parent thinks about sex education for their children doesn't matter in the least and that the schools can provide information on that subject in any forum or manner that they select.
That's disgusting and outrageous. Parents are the first and most important teachers of their children (at least, they are supposed to be). Parents not only provide the children who attend the schools, thus providing jobs for teachers, administration, and all the other people who latch on, but pay taxes that allow schools to operate. Shouldn't they have the right to determine what goes on in the schools? Shouldn't they be able to object to the school asking ELEMENTARY STUDENTS about sex?

Not according to activist judges!