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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Darn White Men!

NPR's Juan Williams was on NPR's Morning Edition today, where they lamented the fact that a white male (Samuel Alito) was chosen as the Supreme Court nominee.

Listen to the clip, titled Political Impact of a White Male Supreme Court Nominee.

Morning Edition, November 2, 2005 ยท With his choice of Judge Samuel Alito as Supreme Court nominee, President Bush tried to reassure his political base. But he may also have lost a chance to reach out to other voters when he abandoned the idea of choosing a woman or minority for the court. Renee Montagne talks with Senior Correspondent Juan Williams.
Apparently the NAACP president is put out that he wasn't consulted. I wasn't aware he had a Constitutionally appointed advisory role about this.

And the Dems were upset that those of us who, doing our Constitutional duty, voted the President into office not just once, but twice.

President Bush really did not "abandon the idea of choosing a woman" for the court. He chose Harriet Miers (a woman, possibly a somewhat liberal one). Since she was obviously not qualified, the President had to choose another nominee. He had said Harriet Miers was the best (female) candidate on the list (What exactly does that say about women like Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown?), and she wasn't good enough, so, really, the new nominee would have to be a man.

I think we have an excellent nominee (and soon to be Supreme Court Justice).