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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Idiots on City Councils

Action Alert from GOP Counties:

The Democrat-dominated Sacramento City Council has crossed the line.

At a time when we have men and women of the U.S. military fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Sacramento City Council has issued a resolution condemning the war against terrorism in Iraq.

The Democrats on the City Council are now serving as the political arm for some of the vilest, anti-American and anti-military groups operating in this country. One of the principle groups involved in lobbying for the resolution's passage was Sacramento for Democracy - a group that promoted Cindy Sheehan's rise to prominence and also Stephen Pearcy (the man who hanged a U.S. Soldier in Effigy from a noose atop his house, with an American flag displayed upside down in distress).

Here was their "after-action" report:

Since the Sacramento City Council is paid by the taxpayers, works for the taxpayers, and is supposed to represent the taxpayers, it's time that WE THE TAXPAYERS let them know what we think.

+++ Call the Sacramento City Council and register your complaint:
PHONE NUMBER: (916) 808-5407

+++ Email the Sacramento City Council and tell them how you feel. Let these misguided individuals hear from people all across America and let them know the whole nation is watching as they undermine our troops:

Send an email to every single one of these email addresses for the Council Members and their staffs (I have uploaded this information to our website - www.GOPCounties.org for your convenience):