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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Political correctness and multiculturalism gone bad

Crossposted from Right Truth:

The European Union is expanding their legal immigration by creating new temporary visas with African countries -– essentially a guest-worker program. Sound familiar? Europe has been overwhelmed with record numbers of immigrants and expects a new wave this spring. Calling their new program "circular migration". This would give countries incentives to make sure their nationals return home and instituting penalties if they don't.

Germany's interior minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, has said that the EU approach could stimulate a "triple win": African nations benefit from remittances, migrants acquire legal jobs and safe passage, and Europe fills labor shortages. (CSM)
Those words would have come from United States politicians. The U.S. has not used the term 'circular migration' yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if they pick up the phrase from the EU. We seem determined to push the guest worker program under the same guise, pretending that the workers will go home. What a joke. The U.S. and the EU are showing their ignorance.

Christians are being persecuted in America. Jason says in at least one case "it's our own government that's doing it -- take the case of Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, the Navy is now punishing Chaplain Klingenschmitt. And all because 1) he prayed in Jesus' name ..." If this had been a Muslim and they ended a prayer with something praising Allah, does anyone think one word of negativity would have been spoken? Of course not.

There's a big difference between being free to practice your religion and trying to impose its strictures on others, says the author of this article.
The Muslim American Society of Minnesota says carrying alcohol violates Islamic law. Calling for "tolerance," it wants the airport to establish a color-coding system to channel passengers with alcohol to cabs willing to carry them.

That's a problem. About 75% of the airport's 900 drivers are Somalis and many, though not all, have refused such fares. On Tuesday, the airport commission voted to hold public hearings on a strict policy to suspend drivers who refuse passengers for reasons other than a threat to drivers' safety. (source)
Christians (or Jews or any other religion) don't force our beliefs on anyone. You are free to choose any religion you want, you can display your religious symbols anytime you want (unless you are Christian and especially if you are Muslim). Muslims can pray anywhere they want, even in airport waiting rooms. Christians are supposed to shut up. But don't get excited yet, there's more:

Whatever happened to tolerance in America? ... a tone of intolerance of Muslims based on fear and a lack of understanding has dominated the dialogue. ... In an environment of fear and misunderstanding of everything Muslim, tolerance has become too much to ask. (source)
The response:

Accommodating such preferences leads down a dangerous road. Should drivers, based on religious strictures, be able to refuse to take passengers to bars? Or be allowed to cite religious beliefs for refusing to pick up blacks, or Jews, or homosexuals? (source)
Since about 75% of the airport's 900 drivers are Muslim Somalis, this is a big problem. My response would be, get another job or take your cab somewhere other than the airport. Islam expecting the rest of the world to adapt to them is wrong, pure and simple. Did anyone check and see how many of these are here legally? And yet ...

Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Outback Steakhouse and others are now serving halal meats, and telling patrons if they don't like it, go eat somewhere else. Is this catering to a small minority of the population and if so WHY?

As a Christian, or Jew, or any other religion, do you have a problem eating meat dedicated to Islam's god Allah? What does the Bible say (Old and New Testament) on this topic? The Merry Widow has an excellent article:

This section deals with how G*D will punish those who disobey and turn to idols. Let this be a beginning of wisdom in dealing with mohammadins. They say that they worship the G*D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but everything about it is based on idolatry.

It goes back to Babylon and the worship of Tammuz the son of Semirameses, the wife of Nimrod. In Genesis, G*D destroys Babylon and scatters the people and divides the languages because they obeyed Nimrod in rebellion against G*D! [snip]

So the contention that they are the same is an affront to the G*D of Heaven. They are idolaters!

Romans 10:18-22, Leviticus 3:3, 7:6-15 shows that those who eat of a sacrifice are partakers in it. [snip]

Now, is halal meat, meat sacrificed to idols?

Consider the "blessing" spoken over the animal whose throat is being slit: "Bismillahi, Allahu Akbar" (in the name of god, and god is the greatest) while the animal's head faces Mecca. Is this not the essence of a sacrifice? Is this not dedicating the animal to a'al'alah? (read it all here)
The United States arrested 117 Columbian gang members and drug runners with 55 kilograms of heroin, 173 kilograms of cocaine, $260,000 in cash, 12 vehicles and nine weapons. They are being charged with conspiracy to import heroin and if convicted, face life in prison and a $4 million fine. (source)

What does halal meat, Somali cab drivers, or Columbian drug runners have to do with immigration? Everything. Teacup Tempestry says, "Securing the border, sending illegals back to their home countries, and cleaning up the mess they have left behind *is* a job Americans will do." Yes, American will do the job IF the government will let us. Democrats and many Republicans as well, seem too willing to leave the borders open.

The student visa program, the religions visa program, and the proposed guest worker program are all just holes in the swiss cheese that is our border. Illegals get in, they stay, they have children, they bring their families, and what do we do? Send them home? No, we cater to them, start using their language, cater to their religions, to the detriment of our own laws and traditions. This is political correctness, multiculturalism gone bad in the United States. Make no mistake, tomorrow we will regret the decisions being made today in this area.

I'm sure the comments will include racist, KKK, Islamophobe, hater of 'dark skinned people'. Nothing could be further from the truth. I want people here legally. I want religious freedom for everybody, including Christians. What say you?

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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