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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Amnesty Mel

I want an RNC Chairmen who supports, encourages, defends, and believes that Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is wrong, that we ought to arrest and deport every Illegal Alien we can, that we ought to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law every business or person who hires or assists Illegal Aliens, and that we have the right to enforce our immigration laws.

Unfortunately, that's not what President Bush and some top Republicans want.

Instead, they are forcing "The Harriet Miers of RNC chairs" on us in the form of Senator Mel Martinez. Fabulous.

Mel Martinez not only supports amnesty, but absolutely loves to write bills that could end up making amnesty happen. Lots more on that here.

Visit StopMartinez.com and see what you can do to save the RNC from becoming the official Welcome Wagon for Amnesty Seekers.

From Andy McCarthy at The Corner:

Re: Amnesty Mel

Mark, this seems very narrow-minded to me. Enforcement of the party rules is obviously not an option — there are already millions of Republicans in the country; what are we supposed to do? Enforce the rules against all of them? That's preposterous. Besides, Sen. Martinez is willing to do a job — RNC General Chairman — that other Americans are unwilling to do, which means he's essential to our economy. Rather than persecuting him, let's show some compassion. All he really wants is his share of the American Dream. We need a comprehensive solution that gives decent, hard-working pols like Sen. Martinez a path to Republican-ship.

More at Hot Air.

And an excellent, succinct post at Cop the Truth.

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