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Monday, November 13, 2006

"The Harriet Miers of RNC chairs"...

So, we lose bigtime last week because the Republicans preferred to "make new friends (with the Democrats) and stab the old friends," (rather than "keep the old") not understanding that the Democrats are not even "silver" to the base's Gold.

We all complained and wrote and did all that we could to remind the GOP leadership that to win the election, they would have to return to the Conservative ideals that got them elected. Obviously, they didn't listen or read.

So, after the election, we all said that perhaps NOW the GOP leaders would listen to us and come back to the good and old ways.

We hoped, after learning that RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman was stepping down, that the new RNC Chairman would be a good Conservative . . . someone like Michael Steele.

But, today, once again, we are stabbed in the back. Disappointed. Irritated. Perturbed. Confused. In a quandary.

Rather than try to win us back, the RNC has chosen Mel Martinez to be the Chairman!

Pardon me! How exactly is this supposed to warm our hearts and encourage us to get out and fight for the Republican Party in 2008?

As one commenter at RedState called Martinez:

The Harriet Miers of RNC chairs.

But, we must remember that Martinez is a US Senator. He'll hardly have time to devote himself to winning the majority in 2008. So, the RNC is setting him up as a sort of "General Chairman," whatever that means, while another man runs the day-to-day affairs.


I'm sure Mel Martinez is a very nice man, but he's not exactly been a big leader for the Conservative movement. I think the last time I heard his name was when he was elected to the Senate. Actually, I take that back.

From Michelle Malkin:

Here's a reminder of the Center for Immigration Studies analysis of Martinez's amnesty bill:

Hagel-Martinez Amnesty. The Hagel-Martinez bill, or Senate bill 2611 (also called S. 2611), has three separate amnesties or legalizations: One for illegals in the country five or more years, one for those who have been here two to five years, and one for those who work in agriculture. Like the 1986 legalizations, the current amnesties involve paying a fine and undergoing a background check. The largest of the new amnesties is for those in the country five or more years. Illegal aliens in this category are placed on what can be described as a "glide path" to Lawful Permanent Residence (LPR). Individuals in the glide path can start to apply for LPR status, also called a green card, once the immigration service has worked through all existing applications or after eight years, whichever is shorter.
It just gets better and better.

LOTS more at Michelle's blog.

Michelle suggests e-mailing comments to info@gop.com.

More commentary at Hot Air and from Mary Katherine Ham at Townhall.

Who do you think ought to be the RNC Chairman? Vote here.

And do e-mail the RNC. They need to know that they have a lot of work to do if they want to win in 2008 . . . work winning us back, that is.

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