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Thursday, January 18, 2007

24 is Conservative? I didn't know!

Wow, 24 is in its 6th season and the Libs have just figured out it is pretty Conservative?

Can't they leave the one Conservative show on tv alone? Most shows flaunt Liberal "values" constantly.

From IMDB.com:

CBS News Blog Examines Fox's '24'
The CBS News blog Public Eye is highlighting the growing controversy over Fox's hit drama 24, which this season concerns a terrorist attack on the U.S. using low-grade nuclear weapons. The blog cites several TV critics who have branded the program right-wing propaganda, then offers its own take on the criticism: "What does that mean?" it asks, referring to the critical response. Then seems to side with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane, who concluded that "24 is to conservatives what The West Wing was to liberals."

Meanwhile, the current online edition of the liberal magazine The Nation observes: "It's especially unfortunate to see Kiefer Sutherland play the world's most popular torturer, because his father, Donald Sutherland, has been a prominent antiwar activist since Vietnam days and starred in some great films critiquing fascist politics. ... It's unfortunate also because Kiefer's grandfather, Tommy Douglas, was Canada's first socialist premier, and was recently voted 'the greatest Canadian of all time.'"
Apparently this means that Liberals agree that Conservatives are tough on terrorists and care about saving the United States from the evils of terrorism. Aren't they acknowledging that they aren't tough on terrorism?

Of course, CAIR seems to think 24 is urging Americans to behead Muslims (oh, wait, Muslims behead Americans---but does CAIR care? Hardly.).

Anyone who thinks that the terrorists would not use a nuclear weapon if they could get one needs to face reality. We are in a fight for our way of life, our country, our freedom, and, most importantly, our lives. The terrorists, who, by the by, are MUSLIM, will do whatever it takes to get rid of us----even the Liberals.

Wake up! I'm thankful that some brave people like Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran have the strength and resources to show the truth. Thank God.

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