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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Stumble May Prevent A Fall

As Michelle Malkin reminds us, Conservatism did not lose.

There are always Silver Linings.

John Podhoretz is feeling "exhilarated by the results last night" because he thinks:

we're seeing a major shift in the way things are going to work on Capitol Hill from here on out. Democrats ruled for 40 years in the House before the GOP came in. The GOP had 12 years. My guess is that Democrats may have two, or four, or six years at the most before power changes hands again — and the GOP will have the same before Dems get it. This is the healthiest possible development for our political system. Chairmen will not get too comfortable. Lobbyists won't quite know whom to suck up to. The treatment of the minority party as a political pariah with no power will begin to alter itself once House leaders in the majority begin to feel they will be back in the minority one day. It could be a new and more fluid era, and that's all to the good.
But, Jonah Goldberg disagrees:

Pod - I agree with much of your analysis except in one very, very, very important regard: The American people embraced the party of cut and run — oops, sorry "responsible redeployment" — during a war. That's really, really, really bad. The Dems can't do too much else to screw things up between now and '08 when the voters and the GOP will get a do-over. But, on the war(s) — still the most important issue — this is just a terrible, terrible message. It needn't be if the Dems act like grown-ups. But who around here wants to stake everything on that possibility?
And, from Kathryn Lopez:

Was just chatting with my old friend Ken Weinstein from the Hudson Institute who noted: “Take the voters’ usual six-year itch, add Abramoff, Foley, out-of-control earmarking, public perceptions of Katrina, and insurgents trying to undo whatever progress has been made in Iraq – as bad as things are, they actually could have been a lot worse.”
Yes, at least we still have the new Josh Groban cd, Awake , to listen to. :)

Besides, we must wonder if the Democrats/Liberals will be able to get anything done. They have no platform. They have no ideas. They have no plans. They have no cohesion. What do all Democrats/Liberals agree on, other than hatred for George W. Bush? I cannot think of anything . . . which could prove a boon for Conservatives. Let's work for Victory in 2008.

After all, an old English proverb says,

A stumble may prevent a fall.
We have stumbled. Now let's make sure we don't fall.

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