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"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Thoughts For Now

In 2004, a bunch of idiots here in my county decided that everyone ought to vote by mail, so I don't have any stories of going to the polls and finding them packed or handing in my ballot and receiving an "I Voted" sticker.

I really hate it. It just does not feel like Election Day to me. Yippie. I filled in some little ovals and then we dropped our ballots off down at the Elections Office. Not only do I have to vote by mail, but I am forced to either drive down there (my polling precinct was within walking distance) or pay $.39 to vote (the price of a stamp). I hate it.

I have been watching the election returns off and on this evening, but I haven't felt like doing much writing. After all, there are far more important and informative sites, which have all the news coming in, than my blog.

Elsewhere in Washington, the polls are due to close very shortly. I am hoping to hear that good-for-nothing Dem. senator Maria Cantwell is out the door, though I don't like Republican candidate Mike McGavick much better (he seems to R.I.N.O.-ish for me).

I am quite sad (devastated even) to read that Senator Rick Santorum lost his race in Pennsylvania. What kind of people live in Pennsylvania? Rick Santorum is a good man, a good Catholic, and a good American. He deserved to be re-elected. It is our loss.

Even though these losses mean 2 less (nominally Republican) Senators for the GOP, I cannot lament either: DeWine in Ohio and Chafee in Rhode Island. These men deserved to lose. They did not hold with the Republican party, they betrayed Conservatives repeatedly, and ought to go home in disgrace. This is the natural consequence of stabbing one's supporters repeatedly in the back. Thanks for nothing.

I don't know that I am in a melancholy mood. Mostly, I am annoyed that President Bush and the Republicans wasted, completely wasted, the six years that we gave them. They have accomplished nothing majorly Conservative. Unfortunately, we are now paying for their lack of moral fortitude and courage.

I am sure that, if the Democrats are completely victorious tonight, they will take this election as a rebuke of President Bush and his policies. I don't think that is true. Republicans have lost, in a number of places, this day because they turned their backs on Conservative Ideals and the Conservative Base. I often read about how members of Congress who are elected as more Conservative Republicans and then become more moderate lose when they go up for re-election because they betrayed Conservatism. If they stay true to Conservatism, then they win. Apparently there are a number of Republicans out there who don't understand this concept (not Rick Santorum).

My only hope is that the next two years will remind Republicans to turn back to Conservative Ideals. Then, we, the Conservative Base, can once again elect good people to Congress, Conservatives who love this country and are for personal responsibility.

I also hope that we wake up tomorrow and things aren't as bad as they seem right now. Keep praying for our country. If the Democrats win, the United States of America is going to need a lot of prayers.