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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bravo, Andrea Bocelli!

From Fox411:

Opera singer Andrea Bocelli refused to sing "Ave Maria" at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ crazy wedding on Saturday. The reason: He didn’t want to disrespect the Roman Catholic Church.

That makes him the only Catholic who actually took a stand as Cruise, who was born Catholic, orchestrated a non-Catholic Church sanctioned wedding right in the Vatican’s backyard. Not even Holmes’ poor parents, whose other three daughters were married in the faith, could put a stop to the proceedings.
This is the ONLY thing I will EVER post about the Cruise-Holmes wedding (such as it was).

I love Andrea Bocelli's music and am delighted to see him stand up for the Catholic Church. "Ave Maria" is a beautiful song, in honor of Mary, Mother of God, and performing it at the wacko wedding of a couple who had a child before the marriage would quite dishonor the Holy Mother.

Bravo, Andrea! God bless you!

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