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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Truth hurts, doesn't it?"

Here's a great letter from today's edition of the Socialist-Review (as we call it):

Comparison backward

Mr. Tui Lindsey's comments linking the Bush administration to Hitler are backward ("Hitler would be proud," Nov. 9). Let's compare the policies of the Democrats to those of Hitler:

Hitler banned all firearms from citizens. The Dems ban guns. Look at the crime rates where liberal bans are in place. Baltimore, for example, has already surpassed its homicide rate for all of 2005. Stupid liberals don't or won't understand that gun bans only affect law-abiding citizens.

Hitler banned religion. The ACLU, backed by the Dems, sues people who mention Christianity in public. It seems Islam is exempt from this.

Hitler was a proven liar to his people. History has on record the proven lies by Clinton and his ilk. Hitler put the German state above its people. "We know what's best for the American people." That is a Bill Clinton quote. The American people know what's best for themselves – not the government.

Gee, Mr. Lindsey, Hitler sure has more in common with the liberals after all. Liberal socialism is not the American way. Hitler squelched public opinion. The Dems discredit any opinion they disagree with. Truth hurts, doesn't it?

Mark Dana
Colburn, Idaho
Very smart!

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