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Saturday, August 12, 2006

August 22 was the intended day for terror attack, and about

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'The British would-be bombers are accused of planning to bring down planes over American cities possibly including New York, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles or Miami.' Yes, that said OVER Amrerican cities, not over the Atlantic. This is new information. Also, 'The suicide bombers were believed to have been planning to use a recipe for explosives similar to that used by al Qaeda and dubbed "Mother of Satan".' source, The Daily Telegraph

According to The Daily Telegraph, the intended date for the British terror plot involving passenger jets, was August 22. Sound familiar? Yep, see "August 22, Iran's Date For World Armageddon"

British Home Secretary John Reid agreed with a reporter who asked if there were similarities between the terrorists and Nazis...

The terrorists were British citizens, and didn't need a Visa to purchase an airplane ticket and fly to the United States. However, the U.S. is full of individuals, potential terrorists, who came here under the 'Visa Waiver Program'. Don't forget the missing Egyptian 'students'.

El Sayed Ahmed Elsayed Ibrahim, 20, and Alaa Abd El Fattah Ali El Bahnasawi, 20, were arrested at a residence in Dundalk, Md., outside Baltimore, by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

Chicago police arrested Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Abou El Ela, 22, at O'Hare International Airport...

All are being held on administrative immigration violations because they did not report on time to their month long program at Montana State University in Bozeman, Mont. ... Five are still missing ... source

Why were these 'students' spread out all over the United States when they were supposed to fly directly to Montana??????

Michael Cutler of The Counterterrorism Blog says:

What is amazing to me, however, is the simple fact that the Visa Waiver Program is alive and well. Under the provisions of the Visa Waiver Program aliens from some 26 countries are able to come to the United States without first applying for and receiving a visa from United States consular officials. I have been told by my friends on Capitol Hill that the continuation of this program is attributable to the concerns of the travel industry, the hospitality industry and the other businesses that depend on international travel for a substantial component of their corporate income. They fear that a visa requirement will discourage the travel that they are dependent upon for profit.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that some 3.5 million illegal aliens in the United States did not run the border but rather violated the terms of their admission in the United States. They either over-stayed the period of time for which they were admitted, got a job they were not entitled to take under the immigration laws, or committed other such violations of law. Among these illegal aliens are those who entered the United States. Richard Reid, the so-called "Shoe Bomber" was a British subject who was able to board an airliner and seek entry into the United States without first applying for and receiving a visa to come to the United States. So, while we are all forced to remove our shoes before boarding an airliner to make certain we are not concealing a bomb or other weapon in our shoes, the Visa Waiver Program continues.

First of all, the process of applying for a visa provides an additional opportunity to scrutinize the would-be alien visitor and subject him to an interview. Of course it is essential our visa-issuing officials have the necessary language training, etc., but again, this is a matter of an opportunity to better scrutinize those who are seeking entry into our country and also seeking entry onto an airliner. Additionally, in the process of completing an application for a visa, the alien is also providing photographs and fingerprints as well as answers to questions that can be useful as investigative leads should the alien who applied for a visa become the subject of an investigation. Finally, the law makes it a crime to make false statements on the application for a visa. Simple visa fraud carries a penalty of a maximum of 5 years in prison. When visa fraud is committed in conjunction with drug trafficking the penalty jumps to 20
years in jail and visa fraud committed in conjunction with terrorism raises the maximum penalty to 25 years. None of these benefits to law enforcement and counter-terrorism apply when an alien is able to hop on an airliner and seek entry into the United States under the Visa Waiver program.

We obviously live in a dangerous era and it time our leaders understood the need to change strategies to better safeguard our nation and our citizens. This is one program that needs to end not only to enhance America's security, but the security of other countries as well. When an alien seeks to board an airliner for a flight to the United States, if he does not have citizenship in a visa waiver country, the airline officials will not permit him to board an airliner without a visa in his passport. In effect this helps screen airline passengers as well, provided, of course, that the visa process is administered effectively.

The Visa Waiver Program needs to be ended in the name of security, the only question is whether our political leaders will demonstrate the political courage to do this.


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