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Saturday, June 17, 2006

What did they expect?

I meant to post this a week or so ago, but forgot all about it. You have probably read about it elsewhere, but oh well! :)

Guess which band is having difficulties selling concert tickets?

If you said the Dixie Chicks then you would be right on key.

Specifically, the Ditsy Witches are having troubles selling tickets in Red States and Red Regions.

What did they expect? Did they really think calling their fans uncool and all would endear them to us? Make us want to go to their concerts? Where we might be subjected to further deprecating remarks? No thank you. I will stick with Patriots like Toby Keith.

Speaking of patriotism, you must read this post from La Dolce Divas about how the Dixie Chicks Need A History Lesson. Apparently being patriotic is stupid. And what's up with the flag waving???

How stupid.

Just for Natalie Maines and her fellow witches (They may want to avert their eyes. I have heard a rumor that the sight of the Stars and Stripes burns their eyes out, as they are unworthy to gaze upon the beauty of Old Glory.):

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The WTC Cross (with an American Flag)

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