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Friday, June 09, 2006

Ann Reviews Godless

So, Ann Coulter's new book, Godless: the Church of Liberalism, is out and I got my copy. Did you purchase one or five? I am on chapter 4 at the moment, the chapter about abortion. So far it has been, as expected, completely fabulous. I am reading it slowly so I can enjoy it. It has been three years since her last book!

Of course, the MSM and the Left (oh, same thing!) are having hysterics about it. The thing is, none of them have probably read it!

In anticipation of this, Ann has written her own book review. You'll find it here.

And, here is an excerpt:

The long-anticipated book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" was finally released this week. If The New York Times reviews it at all, they'll only talk about the Ann Coulter action-figure doll, so I think I'll write my own review.

"Godless" begins with a murder at the Louvre and then takes readers on a roller-coaster ride through the Church of Liberalism in a desperate game of cat and mouse in which the hunter becomes the hunted -- with a twist at the end you simply won't believe! It's a real page-turner -- even the book-on-tape version and large-print edition! Who knew a book about politics could make such an ideal gift -- especially with Father's Day just two weeks away!

The main problem with "Godless" is that I had to walk through the valley of darkness to find it. You will have to push past surly bookstore clerks, proceed past the weird people in the "self-help" section, and finally past the stacks and stacks of Hillary Clinton's memoirs. If all else fails, ask for the "hate speech" section of your local bookstore. Ironically, if you find "Godless" without asking for assistance, it's considered a minor miracle.

This is not a book about liberals. I stress this in anticipation of Alan Colmes hectoring the author to name names. (For people who resented being asked to "name names" during the 1950s, these liberals sure aren't shy about demanding that conservatives do the same today.)

It is a book about liberalism, our official state religion. Liberalism is a doctrine with a specific set of tenets that can be discussed, just like other religions.
Do read the rest and then run out and buy the book!

You can see where Ann will be appearing by visiting her website.

Plus, be sure to read Ben Shapiro's great review of Godless at Townhall.com.

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