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Monday, March 27, 2006

You are Either With Us or Against Us--Updates

The transcript and video for the President's little speech about immigration this morning can be found here. I haven't read the whole thing yet. It makes me too angry. I did, however, see some this morning as I got ready for work.

During the part I did see, the President was naming a few immigrants who just love it here and have done well for themselves. That's great and I'm happy for them. I get teary-eyed whenever I see people taking the Citizenship Oath, crying, and when I hear them speak in praise of America.

What George W. doesn't seem to realize is that we are complaining about and protesting against the illegal aliens who have invaded this country. He can tell us stories about 500,000 legal immigrants, but that won't change our beliefs about illegal aliens.

George quoted the Great Ronald Reagan (who I am sad to say G.W. falls far short of in terms of Conservatism):

One of my predecessors, President Ronald Reagan, used to say this, "You can go to live in France, but you cannot become a Frenchman. You can go to live in Japan, but you cannot become Japanese. But anyone, from any corner of the world, can come to live in America and be an American."
This is true, but one cannot be an American if one does not do it legally. If the only requirement were that one must enter the US, then everyone who came to visit could be classified as an American. Illegal aliens are not Americans. They should not be allowed to become Americans. Being an American means something. It ought to mean respect for righteous laws. How can one respect righteous laws if one's first act is to illegally invade?

And, I'm exceedingly tired of hearing the President say this:

America is a nation of immigrants, and we're also a nation of laws. All of you are here because you followed the rules and you waited your turn in the citizenship line. Yet some violate our immigration laws and enter our country illegally, and that undermines the system for all of us. America should not have to choose between being a welcoming society and being a lawful society. We can be both at the same time. And so, to keep the promise of America, we must enforce the laws of America.
America is NOT a nation of immigrants. I haven't immigrated anywhere. Nor have my parents, sister, grandparents, best friend, her parents, etc. Yes, there are immigrants here. Yes, our ancestors were immigrants here. But that does not make America a nation of immigrants. Many Germans have ancestors who were Nazis, but that no longer makes Germany a nation of Nazis. Years pass by. People who immigrated here have children who are born here. Those children are not immigrants. And the children have children, who are not immigrants either. We ought to be called a Nation of Americans. Sadly though, through the bad policies of Presidents (including George W.) and Congresses, people no longer see this country as a Nation of Americans. We have many, many, many people who have illegally invaded and see themselves as members of their birth countries.

To be a nation of laws, we must insist that people follow our laws. If we allow them to illegally invade, and do not deport them and deny them entry ever, then we do not insist they follow laws. Thus, we cannot claim to be a nation of laws. We might be a nation of some laws, but not of laws. And why do we have to welcome illegal aliens? I'm happy to shake the hand of someone who follows the laws, becomes a citizen legally, earns a living, works hard, speaks English, and assimilates. We ought to welcome hardworking, intelligent, educated people.

George W. doesn't want to enforce immigration laws. He wants to give amnesty to people who broke those laws. He wants to "reform" those laws so that these people can not be penalized for their criminal behavior. This is completely and utterly wrong.

We will not be appeased by tough-sounding ideas. Not when they come hand-in-hand with AMNESTY. President Bush has been in office for five years and has done more harm in regards to enforcing and guarding the borders than he has to help. It is going to take more than a few "oh, yes, we must enforce the borders" to win my support for anything. Indeed, I daresay the President's obstinance on this front will only harden the base against illegal aliens. And these protest marches by illegal aliens will not win them any support either.

We mustn't sit by and idly watch while illegal aliens dictate our border laws. We must speak out against this and do whatever it takes to take our country back from the invading hordes. This is the United States of America. If you don't want to follow our laws, then stay in your own countries.

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David Frum says:

My forebodings of a year ago seem to be taking on my reality every day: Immigration truly is emerging as an issue that can shatter the Republican party. The president is determined to thrust upon the party an amnesty/guestworker approach that is opposed by the overwhelming majority of the Republican rank-and-file. He has come to believe - and tells visitors to the White House - that party opposition to him is based on irrational fear, ignorance, and prejudice. (Just like Dubai! Or for that matter, Harriet Miers.)

If anything were calculated to solidify the perception that this administration scorns the values and concerns of the ordinary Republican - if anything were designed to discourage ordinary Republican from turning out in November 2006 - it is what this administration is doing now.
Michelle Malkin on Bush's Shadow Boxing

Michelle also has the scoop on the Los Angeles Unified School District aiding and abetting students who were protesting. Follow the link to see the letter (which was in English and Spanish of course) which informed parents the walk-out (links above) was going to happen and that there would be transportation provided. Michelle says Contact the LAUSD.

Kimsch at Musing Minds has a smart suggestion for how to deal with Sanctuary cities.

Over at A Certain Slant of Light, Bernard has written An Open Letter to Members of the United States Senate.

Send free faxes to your Senators.
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