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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ungrateful Wretches

JayD in England sent me this link.

News-Telegraph: Released hostages 'refuse to help their rescuers'---

The three peace activists freed by an SAS-led coalition force after being held hostage in Iraq for four months refused to co-operate fully with an intelligence unit sent to debrief them, a security source claimed yesterday.

The claim has infuriated those searching for other hostages.

Neither the men nor the Canadian group that sent them to Iraq have thanked the people who saved them in any of their public statements.
We ought to have left them there to die like rats in the street. Disgusting behavior . . . but what can one expect from Leftists?

Indeed, rather than gratitude to their rescuers, these people had this to say in their statement:

“We pray that Christians throughout the world will, in the same spirit, call for justice and for respect for the human rights of the thousands of Iraqis who are being detained illegally by the U.S. and British forces occupying Iraq.
Rotten cretins.