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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Would we have allowed our WWII Ally Stalin to run our ports?

Mark Levin has another great post about the Dubai Ports World deal on his blog. You can read the entire thing here.

And, here is an excerpt:

I have to address another knee-jerk defender talking point that I thought was so obviously flawed it didn't require a response. Yes, the UAE is our ally now in the war on terrorism. For that we are grateful. And there are many ways to reward such support short of running various aspects of certain U.S. ports. I note that Joseph Stalin was our ally during WWII. Nonetheless, I can't imagine FDR would have agreed to allow Stalin to have anything to do with our domestic ports in recognition of our alliance. Great Britain was also our ally during WWII. It's our ally today. It was our ally before WWII. It was our ally before and after 9/11. So, of course there's no objection to a private British company, with a long and solid record of operating ports, operating U.S. terminals/ports.

The truth is that we still know precious little about the security arrangements in this deal. The administration says the Coast Guard and Customs, not the UAE, will handle security; the administration also says that the UAE-run company has agreed to enhanced security requirements. Maybe the knee-jerk defenders can sort this out for the rest of us since it makes no sense to me. What we do know is that according to the deputy secretary of the Treasury, the truncated secret committee review did not include a national-security investigation, which he argued was "discretionary."