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Friday, February 24, 2006

No, She's Not Running for President

But, then, why does she need such heavy hitters?

AP: Sen. Clinton Turns to Veteran Fundraisers---

ALBANY, N.Y. - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has turned to two of the masterminds behind her husband's 1992 presidential victory — James Carville and Paul Begala — to raise money needed to keep her in the Senate and possibly help finance a White House run of her own.
I would say the latter is her goal.

While the appeals are ostensibly for Clinton's re-election race this year, any money left over can be used to help finance a presidential run by her in 2008.

Clinton's allies are even invoking the name of the current first lady, Laura Bush, in the attempt to win contributions.

"The Republican national chairman Ken Mehlman calls her `angry,' Laura Bush says Hillary is `out of bounds," and now her latest opponent makes outrageous charges that she `aids and abets our enemies,'" Begala added.
Which she does, and has since she and Bill were co-Presidents (though probably even before that).

Carville's turn came Thursday. His e-mail cautioned that "the GOP knows how to win and they play for keeps."

"To give the devils their due, the Republicans know how to confuse the issues, distort the past, and disguise the kind of future they want," Carville added. "A future where presidents are way above the law and the people, where the middle class is squeezed while the rich are comforted and where Americans who need a helping hand get the back of the hand instead."

Begala had also warned of the GOP's political abilities.

"Anyone watching the colossal incompetence of the GOP — from botching up the Medicare drug bill to fouling up the response to Katrina — might think these guys couldn't organize a one-car parade," Begala wrote. "But there's one thing they excel at: the politics of personal destruction."
Right. Back to the "Republicans are mean" charges. The truth is the Democrats are mean. Anyone who has ever seen their little marches (for every reason under the sun, but those that speak of Faith, Truth, and the American Dream---they don't know what those are) knows which party is the mean party. I haven't seen Republican marches all over, calling their leaders Nazis, calling them all sorts of wicked things. The Clintons are masters at "the politics of personal destruction." Ask Juanita Broaderick, Kathleen Willey, and the countless others the Clintons engineered smear campaigns against. How about all those bodyguards, advisors, and others who are dead of "suicides" and "accidents," those who knew the Clinton's dealings? That's not the Republican Party.