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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cross Out Two Names!

AP: Saudis: 2 Would-Be Bombers on Terror List---

MANAMA, Bahrain - Saudi Arabia said Sunday that two suicide bombers killed in a foiled attack on the world's biggest oil processing complex were on its list of most-wanted extremists.

The Saudi Interior Ministry in a statement reported by the official Saudi Press Agency identified the two as Abdullah Abdul-Aziz al-Tweijri and Mohammed Saleh al-Gheith and said both were on a list of the 15 most-wanted terrorists the kingdom issued in June.

The deaths of the two meant that only four remain at large of the list of 15. Ten have now died or been killed, and one was previously arrested.

Friday's attack, the first ever on Saudi Arabia's vital oil infrastructure, could have been devastating. Nearly two-thirds of the country's oil flows through the Abqaiq complex for processing before export.
Nice of them to do themselves in without really doing much damage to anyone or anything.