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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Reactions to SOTU

Here are some reactions from around the blogosphere (the Right part) and the news (which accounts for the Left).

At Stop the ACLU Jay did some live-blogging.

Michelle Malkin has some links.

More live-blogging at The Corner and Blogs for Bush and Right Wing News.

Here's a piece of MSM writing masquerading as an article. It purports to "fact check" the President's speech, yet isn't presented as an opinion piece, which it is. Perhaps there should be a fact-checker for these "fact-checkers."

Live-blogging from Captain's Quarters.

Thoughts at Power Line.

Here is CNN's coverage.

The American Princess has her live-blogging post here and her thoughts on Ti m Kaine's response for the Dems here. You can read Kaine's speech (that I doubt many watched) here.

Coverage from The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.

Via Townhall.com, which also had live blogging and post coverage here, Harry Reid's response and Nancy Pelosi's pre-buttal.

Over at Expose the Left (formerly The Political Teen), Ian has a number of clips: No Democrats Applauded for the Patriot Act, State of the Union Address, and Tim Kaine's Eyebrow.