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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has a Nice Ring to It!

Unfortunately (but in the long run fortunately), I was working today, so I didn't get to see the Alito vote or the swearing in.

But, Hooray!!!!

AP: Alito Wins Supreme Court Confirmation---

WASHINGTON - Samuel Alito took his place on the Supreme Court Tuesday after winning Senate confirmation, a personal triumph for the son of an Italian immigrant and a political milestone in President Bush's campaign to give the judiciary a more conservative cast.

The 58-42 Senate vote was largely along party lines as Democrats registered overwhelming opposition to Bush's choice to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, whose rulings have helped uphold abortion rights, affirmative action and other legal precedents of the past 50 years.

Bush hailed Alito as "a brilliant and fair-minded judge who strictly interprets the Constitution and laws and does not legislative from the bench."

"It is a seat that is reserved for few but that impacts millions," said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist moments before the Senate sealed Alito's place in history as the nation's 110th justice.

Alito, 55 and a veteran of 15 years on the appeals court, watched on television alongside Bush at the White House as the Senate voted.

He was sworn in about an hour later in a low-key ceremony at the Supreme Court building across the street from the Capitol. Chief Justice John Roberts, Bush's first nominee for the high court, administered the oath of office.
Fox News Coverage, including video.

Roll Call: See how your senator voted. Mine, of course (rotten Libs), voted no.

Expose the Left (formerly The Political Teen) has video and links to blogs that suggest you show your support by donating $.58 or $1.58 or any amount of money along with $.58 to the RNC. Blogs for Bush and PoliPundit and Stop the ACLU.

You can donate here.

CNN's Coverage (Paltry)

This is a great day.