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"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Monday, January 30, 2006

This isn't art.

These morons don't realize that in pre-liberation Afghanistan and Iraq, and in many other places around the world, they would never be able to make fun of their country's leader without risking torture and death.

President Bush's and the Military's continued efforts to fight the War on Terror are preserving these peoples' rights to call George W. names, treat him with contempt, and spew their venom.

Reuters: Bush-bashing takes center stage in NY theaters---

NEW YORK (Reuters) - It's not hard to spot the common theme in three New York theater offerings this season that go by the titles "Bush is Bad," "Bush Wars: Musical Revenge" and "Laughing Liberally."

The Web site for "Bush is Bad" features a grand piano falling on the head of President George W. Bush.

"Bush Wars" promises what it calls a counterattack on "the disgraceful agenda of the Bush administration." It features a dance number with Bush and Osama bin Laden taking their mothers to lunch at the same restaurant, and another with New Orleans residents singing as they await help after Hurricane Katrina, in a dig at the Bush administration's slow response.

There is also a spoof romantic duet between Bush and his chief adviser Karl Rove, and a naughty bedroom scene which has Vice President Dick Cheney literally in bed with a pair of scantily-clad women named after oil companies.

Both have been attracting enthusiastic audiences to small venues in Manhattan but in a city renowned for its liberal ways the shows may be preaching to the choir.

The organizers of "Laughing Liberally," a one-off evening of stand-up comedy at the 1,500-seat Town Hall on February 4, say their show has broader ambitions.

"It's not going to be an evening of Bush-bashing because that's very easy to do. Hopefully there will be some actual ideas in it," said Jim David, one of the more established comics on the bill with 19 years in the business.
There would never have been a "Saddam is Bad" or "Saddam is Sick" in pre-liberation Baghdad, or "Osama is Evil" in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

These plays provide us with yet another look at the morally depravity of the Left and how far away from the American Main Stream they really are.

What are they other than Bush-bashing? This isn't art.