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"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Preparing for SOTU

Here is the White House page on tonight's State of the Union Speech. Included are excerpts, photos from past SOTU, and a bit more. You can also watch the speech live from that site.

Townhall.com has a list of who will be sitting with the First Lady tonight. You can read it here. The honored guests include: Fawzia Koofi, Second Deputy Speaker, Wolesi Jirga (Badakhshan, Afghanistan); relatives of fallen Marines; members of our fabulous military; Ja’Detrus Hamilton, USA Freedom Corps Volunteer; Rebecca Garang de Mabior, Minister of Roads and Transport, Government of South Sudan; Wife of the late Dr. John Garang (Juba, Sudan); and more.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito will be seated inside the House Chamber, along with the others, including Chief Justice John Roberts. For more, read here.

Lots more after the speech. You can watch it in about 8 minutes on any major television news station and, I presume, the networks, not to mention C-Span.