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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Newsflash: Cavemen and Cavewomen were different from each other!

What a shocking bit of news! Men and women are---have been---different from each other! The MSM always seems to be surprised by this news, but still make a big deal about studies that find the differences. Then, the MSM, along with their Liberal counterparts in academia and the Dem Party, try to deny any differences and demand men and women be always treated exactly the same. Silly.

AFP: Cave art: men and women each did their own thing---

PARIS (AFP) - Analysis of stencilled handprints found on the walls of an Indonesian cave suggest that prehistoric men and women chose not to mix genders when it came to this enigmatic art form.

Experts from France's National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) looked at handprints left at the Gua Masri II cave in Indonesia, using a new computer model to determine whether the hand which made the mark was male or female.

They found that the male cave dwellers grouped their handprints in given locations and the females put their own handprints in their own areas.

"This discovery supports evidence put forward by ethnologists showing that prehistoric man had different rituals than women," Jean-Michel Chazine of France's Centre for Research and Documentation on Oceania (Credo) told AFP this week.

"The findings suggest that the female role was far more important than was previously thought," he said, venturing that women in primitive societies might have played the part of magician or shaman.
No offense, gentlemen (and men), but I'm very glad men and women are different, with different thoughts, ideas, and all the rest.