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Monday, January 02, 2006

Hey, Kofi! Listen up!


AFP: Pope urges UN to face its responsibilities---

VATICAN CITY (AFP) - Pope Benedict XVI has called on the United Nations to live up to its responsibilities and promote justice, solidarity and peace in the world.

The world must show "courage and faith in God and mankind to choose the path of peace," said the head of the Roman Catholic Church in his first New Year's message from the Vatican.

In his appeal Sunday the pope included "everybody -- individuals, peoples, international organizations and world powers".

The United Nations in particular "must again be aware of its responsibilities to promote the values of justice, solidarity and peace, in a world more and more marked by the huge phenomenon of globalization," he said at Saint Peter's Basilica.

Benedict said that in the face of injustice and violence in various regions of the world and "new and insidious threats to peace, like terrorism, nihilism and fanatic fundamentalism", it was necessary to work together for peace.

The mass was attended by leading members of the Roman Catholic Church as well as diplomats.