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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Everything's Connected

The Times: Guantanamo inmates 'helped with London bombs inquiry'---

The American General who runs Guantanamo Bay today claimed that detainees had provided crucial information about the four suicide attackers behind the July 7 London bombings.

Major General Jay Hood claimed that prisoners, some of whom have been held without charge at the controversial camp in Cuba for four years, have provided intelligence about the four suicide bombers whose rush-hour attack on three Tube trains and a bus killed 52 people.

Although more than 40 people have been arrested and five charged in connection with the failed copycat attack that followed two weeks later, no-one has yet been arrested over July 7 atrocity.
Mr Hood told reporters: "After the attacks in London, there were a number of questions asked trying to understand who these people [the four suicide bombers] were and where they had been.

"A significant number of the men we’re holding here have lived in London, have lived in the United Kingdom. And so where we could answer their questions and provide background on movements, travels, financing, communications, means of communications, recruitment, training, that sort of thing, I think we have played an important role."