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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

AP: Senators Probe Alito's Record, Judgment

WASHINGTON - Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito said Tuesday he would deal with the issue of abortion with an open mind as a justice, though he defended his 1991 judicial vote saying women seeking abortions must notify their husbands.

In the second day of Senate hearings, Alito also said no president or court is above the law — even in time of war — as he addressed questions on presidential powers. The issue has been at the forefront since the revelation that President Bush had secretly ordered the National Security Agency to conduct wiretaps of Americans in the terror war.

The federal judge also faced tough questions about his decisions during 15 years on an appeals court, his writings on wiretaps and his membership in a college organization opposed to the admission of women and minorities.

Alito's answers and his demeanor at the hearings could be critical to his prospects of winning Senate confirmation as the 110th Supreme Court justice. The White House expressed confidence that he would prevail in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Asked why he wanted the lifetime job, Alito said, "This is a way for me to make a contribution to the country and society."
Fox News is (was) airing the hearings and you can also see them on C-SPAN (coverage here.)