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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Empty Boots, Empty Words

When people who support the War have military boots surrounding them, those boots are filled with living, breathing, patriotic military men, not just air.

AP: Cray Films Video for Anti-War Song---

ROLLINSFORD, N.H. - Surrounded by fall foliage and hundreds of military boots, Robert Cray filmed a video for "Twenty," the anti-war title track of his latest album.
Cray was standing in a hayfield, surrounded by 2,027 pairs of black military boots supplied by the American Friends Service Committee traveling exhibit, "Eyes Wide Open." Each pair represents a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq.

"Twenty" is about a 20-year-old man who signs up to go to war against his wishes and is killed after his tour of duty is extended.
When I first read the blurb about the story, I momentarily thought it meant Cray was surrounded by military men who supported his view. Rather, he is surrounded by "symbolic" boots, which are empty, just like Libs' anti-war arguments.

Anyone who joins the military has to know there is a possibility of war and death. It isn't a knitting club that the evil government suddenly presses into service. There is no draft. If you don't want to fight in a war, choose another profession.

In all honesty, if the members of the military were so angry about and reluctant to fight this war, we would be seeing a mass exodus, from supporting the President and the Republican Party, to supporting the Libs. That's not happening. Sure, you have the occasional malcontent, who turns tail and heads over to the Dem camp, but nothing so drastic as the majority of the military doing so.

I found the lyrics: typical Liberal falsehoods.

Here is a portion:

When you're used up, where do you go
I can't take the heat, and I hardly sleep anymore
What'd we come here for

Standing out here in the desert
Trying to protect an oil line
I'd really like to do my job but
This ain't the country that I had in mind
They call this a war on terror
I see a lot of civilians dying

Mothers, sons, fathers and daughters
Not to mention some friends of mine
Some friends of mine

Was supposed to leave last week
Promises they don't keep anymore
Got to fight the rich man's war

When you're used up, where do you go
Late in 2004
Comes a knock at the door
It's no surprise
Mother dry your eyes

Mother don't you cry, no, no
Someone told you a lie
Yes they did, why (emphasis added)
First off, we went to Iraq to liberate 25 million people from the clutches of a tyrant and rid the world of an evil man who would, if he had the chance, annhilate Israel, Kuwait, and everyone else.

Secondly, if we were only in it for the oil, we would have gone the French way and done secret business with Saddam in exchange for that oil. If it had been for the oil, things certainly have gone FUBAR, as we have been paying $3.00 a gallon for gasoline.

The reason soldiers are protecting oil lines is that the oil is the basis of Iraq's economy and future. If the terrorists are allowed to destroy that source of income, Iraq will be devastated and hope will be lost. Is it not smart to guard a nation's future? Libs were insanely angry at reports that the Iraq museum had been looted during the War. Oil will provide a lot more, in the way of income, than a bunch of museum pieces.

While the purpose of America's military is to protect America, sometimes the military must go out into the world to do it. We did it in World War I and World War II. We did it in Korea and Vietnam and the Gulf War. We are doing it now. If the military were required to stay within the borders of the United States, what purpose would it really serve? Libs would be arguing that we were wasting money by having a military. (Of course, then we could really have strength at the borders, as we should)

We need a strong military to protect ourselves. And if they have to go around the world to do it, then so be it. Isn't the important thing that we're safe?

The sad fact is that people, military and civilian, die in wars. No one said war was pretty or easy or nice. If it were done without anyone dying, it would be a chess match. Does the fact that many, many, many people died in World War II mean it was wrong or unnecessary?

As for the assertion that this is a "rich man's war," I'm not rich and I support the War on Terror 100%. In fact, I don't thnk we have gone far enough. We must root out and destory terrorists where ever they may be. Perhaps it is true that those who are doing the fighting aren't millionaires, like the John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy families, but that does not mean only poor men are fighting. There are many, many middle class men and women who have joined the military so they can preserve freedom and honor their country.

I am very tired of Liberals telling falsehoods about why we are in Iraq and being praised for doing so. They do not speak for the majority of people. They speak in empty words.