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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Well, La Di Da!

AP: Martha Stewart Pledges $5M to Hospital---

NEW YORK - After years of making doilies and desserts, Martha Stewart plans to create something on a grander scale: a new facility at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Stewart, to mark her mother's 91st birthday, pledged $5 million to fund the creation of the Martha Stewart Center for Living at the Manhattan hospital.

She announced the donation after whipping up a carrot cake for her mother on the nationally syndicated "how to" series, "Martha."

Stewart's mother, Martha Kostyra, was in the audience when the agreement was announced with Dr. Brent Ridge, who will head the new center.

The facility will provide medical treatment and care, while operating as a think tank to address problems facing the elderly.

"What we are really interested in is the art of aging gracefully and well, and staying healthy as long as we can," said Stewart, who recently completed her house arrest for lying to authorities about a 2001 stock sale.
The "Martha Stewart Center for Living"??? She is full of herself.

It must be noted that MS's mother's name is Martha, but not Martha Stewart, so obviously the center is named after good old MS herself, not her mother.

How conceited.