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Saturday, September 17, 2005

She's done an "Arianna Huffington"!

What has happened to Catherine Crier. I used to think she was a good Conservative, but it now appears she's gone the way of Arianna Huffington.

Take her latest post over at Huff Puff.

Basically it is a plug for her new book, CONTEMPT -- How the Right Is Wronging American Justice.

Here is the book's Amazon.com description:

America’s federal courts have an enormous impact on the daily lives of Americans. They also make up the last relatively independent branch of government. But, there is a committed and well-organized confederation of ultra-conservative politicians, reactionary interest groups, and fundamentalist religious sects working to change that once and for all. And they are succeeding.


They have a plan. They have money. And they have millions of “believers.”

A majority of Americans strongly oppose the dogmatic agenda of this extreme right-wing onslaught, but that majority has remained silent.

Someday, you and your family may wake up in a very different country, a country re-made in their intolerant image, a nation governed by their inflexible laws.
Catherine is wrong. The majority of Americans oppose judges legislating from the bench, but have remained silent. We aren't the intolerant ones. We believe in laws that are laws, not ones that are flexible, as it seems Catherine prefers.

She's gone crazy.

Here is some of her Huff Puff post:

The extreme Right has conquered the executive and legislative branches of government, but it has not been able to bring the federal courts to heel…yet. Undoubtedly, this group has a prodigious impact on the Supreme Court and the other federal courts, but it wants so much more. Its leaders have taken an entity that innately resists politics and turned it into a highly politicized battle zone. They seethe over this unelected, independent third branch of government, the last bulwark between the American people and their attempted coup. That some federal judges have proven well educated, fair, and unintimidated by these voices and methods has further stymied their best-laid plans. The extreme Right may control a good part of the castle, but they have yet to breach the citadel. Only, make no mistake, they mean to bring every last wall crashing down.

And if they manage this, what will they do?

Most of them would like to see the United States under biblical law. Comparable to countries like Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, all of which live by Sharia (the strict Islamic code of the Koran), America's right-wing fundamentalists seek a nation governed by Old and New Testament scripture. Born-again Christianity will supplant the Constitution. This is no exaggeration—purchase a DVD of either Justice Sunday event, buy a book by one of their ministers, or simply go to one of their web sites. They do not make a secret of it. What's more, they demand that all Americans adhere to their rigid and reactionary beliefs.

The Far Right wants to control our federal judiciary in order to enact this reactionary agenda. At first blush, the focus seems to center on social issues—abortion, gay rights, affirmative action, and religion in schools. These items certainly garner the most press attention, but don't be fooled.
Make sure you read the rest of her crackpot claims.

Catherine acts as though the judiciary is so very independent of bias, as though we evil Conservatives have managed to take over everything else through dubious means, but the judiciary has managed to withstand the attack.

That's ridiculous. We the People elected a Republican President, a Republican majority into the House, and a Republican majority into the Senate.

Apparently Catherine doesn't believe that We the People have a right to elect the leaders who choose. But we did and now she's attacking us for it.

Does she not see that all over the country Liberal Activist judges have been making laws (which is not the function of the judiciary according to the Constitution) that are contrary to what Americans have decided? It seems like every time the PEOPLE of a state vote to ban the travesty that is "gay marriage" some Liberal Activist judge tells the people too bad, what you want doesn't count.

And then, then, Catherine compares the Faithful on the Right (for they would never be on the Left---the Left does not believe in God) to the evil, cowardly terrorists who took down 4 planes on 9/11 and committed atrocities all over the world. She compares Christians to Muslim extremists.

You're wrong, Catherine. We Christians don't have "rigid and reactionary beliefs." We have tried and true traditional laws and morals that have guided people for centuries. We have beliefs that don't change depending on which way the wind blows and who we want to impress. Is it so wrong to believe in something?

Is the belief that one should not murder such a horrible, rigid and reactionary belief?

To be reactionary is to react to something after it has already happened. The laws and morals and values Conservatives believed in were there before these things we are supposedly "reacting" to. If truth be told, Liberals are the reactionary ones. Conservative Christians ask that children be allowed to pray freely and openly in school as they had for hundreds of years. Liberals react by declaring the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional.

We don't have a "reactionary agenda," Catherine. We believe that the judiciary should stay within the confines set by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution of the United States of America. Have you read it?

We don't believe the court should create things like abortion and gay marriage or take religion out of public life. The Founding Fathers must roll in their graves when your rotten little friends in black robes create another phony right.

Of course, it seems as though Catherine thinks it quite alright for the Lunatic Left to force their Liberal agenda on the rest of us (the Majority in the last 3 elections, Catherine). It is only a bad thing if we good Christian Conservatives try to hold on to the America that the Founding Fathers created.

Here is the end of her Huff Puff post:

For all of those Americans who believe that our democracy is safe, you are wrong. Today, the radical Right is winning, and they know it. Sooner rather than later, we may be living in a very different country, a country that had been ours, a country that will be theirs.
You are right, Catherine, our democracy isn't safe . . . from Loonies like you and Arianna Huffington and Cindy Sheehan and George Soros and Michael Moore and John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Tim Robbins and all the rest.

You all want to make this country into some sort of Sodom and Gomorrah (though you un-churched pagans probably don't know what those places were). Yout hope to form a Socialist-Communist-Leftist nation with no laws except what feels good (and no Christians allowed).

I hope we are winning because that means we are preserving what so many men have died for all these years: the United States of America our Founding Fathers gave us. One where God reigns Supreme, not unelected judges. One where life is valued, rather than thrown into waste bins like the merest garbage. One where the Sacrament of Marriage is preserved as a union between One Man and One Woman, as God intended and men have kept for thousands and thousands of years. One where people are valued for their goodness, rather than just their skin color or their sex or their lack of money. One where George Washington wouldn't feel like he were in the debauchery of places like Sodom and Gomorrah.

I hope we will be living in that different country soon. That country that we were when we began, not the Liberal hellhole of lewd conduct and laciviousness that you and your cronies prefer.

You've got it wrong, Catherine, We the People are in the midst of winning this country back from the likes of you and your friends. And we will be victorious. We have God on our side. Have a look at The Holy Bible.

But be careful, you might end up burning your eyes out. Evil cannot look upon goodness.