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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Boycott Target, Shop Walmart

Last year, in the months right before Christmas, Target Stores decided not to allow the Salvation Army to put its usual donation kettles outside Target Stores during the Christmas season.

Target has declared it will not reconsider and I am declaring I will not reconsider my decision not to shop at Target. I haven't bought anything at Target in a year.

Indiana Post-Tribune: Target keeps no-kettle policy---

Target Corp. will not reconsider allowing the Salvation Army back at its stores even though the national charity is working overtime to provide relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Maj. George Hood, secretary of the Salvation Army’s national community relations office, said he hasn’t heard from Target about the no-kettle policy since the hurricane struck.

With the upcoming holiday season, some at the Salvation Army thought Target might rethink its new no-solicitation policy that put the traditional bell-ringers and holiday cash-collecting kettles off Target properties.

“We would be thrilled ... especially in light of this disaster,” Hood said.

But there has been no contact between the two groups about the policy, altered in 2004, Hood said.

Target is not changing its no-solicitation policy, which allows shoppers a distraction-free environment, according to Paula Thornton-Greear, spokeswoman for the Minneapolis-based chain.

“We don’t permit solicitation by any organization,” she said.

Thornton-Greear said Target is partnering with the American Red Cross to help victims of Katrina.

“In addition to ($1.5 million to the Red Cross), Target has provided real estate to support recovery efforts by relief agencies,” Thornton-Greear said. “Target has also coordinated large-scale donations of essential products, including water, ice, coolers, diapers and baby wipes.”

The company also takes applications to its charitable foundation, she said.

Last year, the Salvation Army expressed disappointment after losing holiday spots at 1,300 Target locations.

Salvation Army officials said they raised $250,000 from kettles at Indiana Target locations in 2003, and Chicago-area Target store kettles raised $442,000 the same year.

Hood said Target’s competitor Wal-Mart and its Walton family founders have stepped in with major financial contributions during the Katrina relief effort.

“Wal-Mart has been our strongest corporate sponsor,” Hood said.

“The Walton family has given us $4 million ... (Wal-Mart officials) said 'Whatever you need, call us first.’”

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