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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Louisiana Conservative

I was looking through blogs at a blog search site and came across this great one.

It is called Louisiana Conservative.

Here is a great post.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
And it continues...
For those of you outside the State of Louisiana - thanks for your help, but if there is trouble in disaster relief, we'll decide who to blame. You can blame who you want, but Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama took the hit. It's these people down here that government failed to help.

For those of you outside the south that think this is going to help you win Kansas, I think you are mistaken... Kansas isn't affected by FEMA's response, by Bush's response, or by Louisiana State Government's response. George Bush can take all the responsibility he wants, but that does not matter. The fact is, our state took the impact as did Mississippi and Alabama, it's our states responsibility to take steps to ensure that this does not happen again.

The fact of the matter is, if our state government would have fixed the Levy to begin with, there would be no finger pointing because Louisiana would have dodge the big one. Had the levy never broke, New Orleans would not have flooded. There would not be the dead bodies floating around the swamp called Nawlins. It was a problem the preceeded Bush by decades. Louisiana government had several opportunities to fix the problem before it was ever a problem, now, it's all of our problem. Thank Louisiana government.

What did you expect FEMA to do? Was FEMA any slower this time than they were with any other hurricane? We know FEMA takes a while just as Nawlins knew FEMA would take a while. In fact, nobody would be complaining that FEMA is taking too long had the city never flooded. Instead, FEMA is overwhelmed with the excessive claims due to the break in the levy...something the Louisiana government should have taken care of a long time ago.

Now this is going to come as a shock to you liberals... George W. Bush did not stick his finger in the air, stir up a hurricane and direct it towards New Orleans because he doesn't like black people. In fact, George W. Bush was never even a Louisianan state official. What exactly did George W. Bush do to cause the problem to begin with?

I will tell you who has been active in politics for the longest time, much longer than her one year long teaching career. (Yes, the former teacher was a teacher for one full year) That person is Governor Kathleen Blanco. Since the 80's, Kathleen Blanco has been active in state government, serving as state legislature and Lt Governor before taking on the role as Governor. She above all should have known that the LEVY SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED. Yet, she wants to point her finger at Bush? It's gotten so bad that Political Consultant Roy Fletcher has had this to say about Kathleen Blanco..."IMPEACH HER, THEN INDICT HER!

Hat Tip Breakfast at Tiffany's who also has some info on Roy Fletcher

The criticism continues to rise against the Governor especially considering that the Lt. Governor is also a Democrat. Democrats have nothing to lose by dumping Kathleen Blanco, but in order to keep that seat they would be better of dumping her. She's been incompetent.

Word flying around here in Louisiana isn't blame Bush... it's impeach Kathleen Blanco. Again, we decide what's best for this state... We made a mistake with Kathleen, not Bush.

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One more thing... if our government was too slow to respond to New Orleans residents because they had a majority blacks, then what does that say about the Clinton administration that took a couple of weeks to do anything while 100% of those slaughtered on the streets of Rwanda were all black? Where was Jesse Jackson then?
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