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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Another Illegal Story

AP: Mexican Mayor Ready to Return to U.S.---

JEREZ, Mexico - Andres Bermudez, a migrant who went from field hand to millionaire to mayor of this impoverished village, had grand plans to create jobs and improve his hometown. But now he's had enough of Mexican politics and can't wait to return to California.

Bermudez, who completes one year in office Thursday, told The Associated Press he knew his job would be difficult. Still, he wasn't prepared to deal with the red tape and partisan mudslinging.

"First, I left my hometown because I wanted a better life for my children," he said, referring to crossing into the United States hidden in the trunk of a car with his pregnant wife in 1973.

"This time I abandoned my children to come help my town. But Mexico won't change. I just want to finish my three-year term and go back to the United States."
If Bermudez crossed into the United States illegally in 1973, then he should not be allowed back into the United States. We shouldn't reward illegal and wrong behavior.