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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Is this a joke?

Fox News: Wisconsin Program Helps Illegal Aliens Get Mortgages---

MILWAUKEE — Illegal immigrants are often criticized as unfair competition for U.S. jobs. Now, with an unprecedented program in Wisconsin, they could be competing with legal residents for a new home — with help from the state government.

The first-in-the-nation program, run by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, is helping to make getting a first mortgage easier —for illegal immigrants.

The new home-mortgage program has Republican state Sen. Glenn Grothman up in arms.

"I don't think the state of Wisconsin should be sending the message that our immigration laws are a joke," Grothman said.

The Wisconsin mortgage program follows the lead of the Internal Revenue Service ( search), which gives out individual taxpayer identification numbers, or I-TINS, largely to people in the United States illegally so that they can legally pay income tax. Wisconsin is now allowing I-TINS to be used where Social Security numbers would normally be required.
Why bother having laws????

"It's money earned, taxes paid, families need a home. It's that simple," said Democratic state Rep. Pedro Colon.

Colon said that if neighborhoods like his largely Hispanic South Milwaukee district are to succeed, home ownership is vital. He also blasts federal lawmakers for leaving illegal aliens in a "no-man's land" in which they are able to pay federal taxes but unable to get permanent residency.

"The U.S. Congress is the laziest place in politics today," Colon said. "[It] doesn't give us the luxury of sitting around and watching our communities fail."
But they don't have a legal right to be here, earning money, paying taxes (as if they do that often), or buying homes, Mr. Colon! These "communities" ought to be raided and these criminals (for that is what they are---they are criminally trespassing) arrested and deported forthwith!