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Thursday, August 25, 2005

What an idiot!

Yahoo News: Man Accused of Civil War Tomb Desecration---

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. - A young man performing court-ordered community service in a cemetery was charged with breaking into a Civil War-era tomb and desecrating remains by pulling apart a skeleton and posing for pictures with the skull and other bones.

"It's bizarre, absolutely bizarre," police Lt. Richard Siemasko said. "I can't even imagine what was in his head. This is just a whole new level of weird for me."

Neil J. Goodwin Jr., 19, of Salisbury, was working at the city's Old Hill Burying Ground on Aug. 17 as part of his court-ordered community service for a burglary conviction.

Prosecutors said Goodwin, who was on probation for breaking into an apartment building last fall, kicked in the thin marble entrance to the tomb marked "1863 Pierce," and twisted off the decomposed corpse's spine, collarbone and skull.