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"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Sunday, August 07, 2005

"A History Test"

Head over to Townhall.com and read Doug Giles latest column, A History Test. It is excellent.

I especially recommend if you are one of those whiners about "racial profiling" as it concerns the terrorists who want to murder you.

Pinocchio, JLo, Pamela Anderson and Alfred Hitchcock have a less obvious profile than the current death-dealing terrorist demographic. We know exactly what gender and religion are spawning these acts of horror. This would be one of the easiest cases to chase if the ACLU, the over-sensitive media and PC politicians would just stay the heck out of the way and shut their blathering pie-holes.

To deny who has been culpable and who is probable for the next act of war against the West would relegate us to the “stupidest people” on the planet category. To not specifically investigate Muslim men, especially within our borders, who are between the ages of 17-40 would be completely goofy.

Don’t believe me?

Then take this little history test and tell me if you see a pattern. I’m not sure who actually developed the test, although I’d love to give them credit. It’s been around for a few months, but given the latest London bombings I felt it needed a revival to refresh our minds regarding the ones who want us dead. Go ahead and give it a shot, and see if you begin to notice an outline forming around the odious ones.
Take a look.