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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Save the Hornblower Series

One of my favorite set of films is the Horatio Hornblower Series. They are excellent movies, based on the excellent naval adventure novels of C.S. Forester, and set during the Napoleonic Wars. Horatio Hornblower is an officer in the British Navy.

These films were made by a British company and then shown here in the United States by A & E. In Britain, the films weren't much appreciated, but they have done exceedingly well here. The first set of films, four total, were shown in 1998 and were based on book 1. The second set of two came out in 2000 and were based on book 2. The third set of two were shown in 2003 and were based on book three.

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(Photo from Ioan Online)

Horatio Hornblower is played by my favorite actor, a Welshman, Ioan Gruffudd (Yo-awn Griffith), who is currently starring in Fantastic Four. Ioan has called Horatio Hornblower his favorite character and has said, "I'd love to continue with that character - I think it would be interesting to play the character through every stage of his life.

"Sadly, the new powers that be at the A & E network have decided they don't want to make any more but I've always fancied doing a film version of Hornblower, so maybe that could be done."

In 2004, he said his best moment was "Being Cast as Hornblower. It was a
career-changing moment."

Unfortunately, A & E has decided to join the reality programming bandwagon and is declining to join in making anymore Horatio Hornblower films.

Even if you have never seen a film and don't care in the least, would you please (I am begging) take a moment (only a moment) to sign this petition asking A & E to reconsider. I would be eternally grateful (and delighted to see more Hornblower movies!).
And one last thing, Horatio Hornblower spends his time fighting the French. :)
Thank you!