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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

For Heaven's Sake!

Yahoo News: Britain Begins Reaching Out to Muslims:

LONDON - Britain began reaching out to Muslim communities Tuesday, launching what is likely to be a yearslong effort to confront the resentment and anger that helped breed suicide bombers who attacked London's transit system.

A top law enforcement official also sought to ease fears that anti-terror police will target Muslims for searches.

Britons were stunned to learn that three of the suicide attackers suspected of killing 52 victims in the July 7 attacks were young Pakistani Britons; the fourth moved from Jamaica as a child. Most of the suspects in failed bombings on July 21 are immigrants from East Africa.

The apparent willingness of men born and raised in Britain to turn to militancy has prompted soul-searching in a nation proud of its diversity and tolerance.
Why is Britain reaching out to the Muslims? The Muslims ought to be reaching out to Britain. Britain isn't attacking Muslims; Muslim terrorists are attacking Britain. The Muslim community ought to be proving itself to the rest of us. After 9/11, I don't remember many Muslim leaders standing up and condemning the attacks by their "religious" brothers. They should be doing all that they can to prove they do not agree with the terrorists. Remaining silent invokes the appearance of neutrality. Neutrality will not do in a time such as this.

And "resentment and anger that helped breed suicide bombers"? Please. These evil terrorists made choices to blow up innocent people. Why is it Britain's fault that Muslim countries are stuck in the 14th Century? Why is it the West's fault that Muslim countries don't have the freedom that we often take for granted? We don't force them to feel resentment and anger. They choose it. They feed on it.

Perhaps the problem is Britain's pride in its "diversity and tolerance." It is all well and good, until someone blows up a bus. Too much tolerance leads to where we are now: expecting homicide bombers to be on any bus or subway car. Expecting planes to be flown into buildings or hostages to be beheaded.

Britain has allowed too many extremist Muslims to do whatever they want. Now, they are reaping the consequences of tolerance.

Many worry officers are using racial profiling in their search for terror suspects. The Mail on Sunday newspaper quoted Ian Johnston, chief constable of the British Transport Police, as suggesting race would be a factor in police searches. "We should not waste time searching old white ladies," he said.

Blears said counterterrorism powers must be guided by intelligence and not used in a discriminatory way.

"Just picking people up on the basis that they are Muslim is never going to get the results that we want," she told the BBC.
It is a waste of time to search old white ladies or little children. And considering the fact that all of the terrorists have been Muslims, usually Arabs, isn't paying particular attention to young Arab men the most intelligent thing to do? If we had been doing that, we might have averted 9/11, 7/7, and the rest.