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"Jane was firm where she felt herself to be right." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Does this make sense?

Cindy Sheehan has another post over at the Huffington Post.

She's entitled it "In My Life I Loved You More." I'm not sure who that is meant for, as she isn't loving her son by dishonoring his memory.

Since I began my vigil in Crawford, an average of 2.69 per day of our nation's brave and noble troops died in Iraq for George's cowardly and ignoble war. 2.69 families per day have been devastated for no reason except that: we have to continue killing American soldiers because so many have been killed already. My heart and soul go out to these families who had a loved one killed so needlessly and avoidably. (emphasis added)
I heard Crazy Cindy say this same thing the other day. It still makes zero sense to me. President Bush wants to keep killing American soldiers because American soldiers have been killed. Sounds like circular logic to me, and it doesn't make any sense.

If President Bush wanted to kill American soldiers, then I really doubt he would push for so much spending on weapons, armour, tanks, etc. Our soldiers aren't stupid. If this were the President's plan, then they wouldn't love him so much. Rather, they would refuse to follow his orders----which they aren't doing.

How does that make sense???? Crazy Cindy doesn't explain exactly why the President wants American soldiers killed, other than that others have been killed.

How many more are we as Americans going to tolerate before we force the reckless commander in chief to bring our kids home? How much more blood are we going to allow congress to wash their hands in before we force them to force George to bring our children home?
The "kids" are in Iraq because they volunteered to join the United States Military, an honorable and brave thing to do. Men like Casey Sheehan re-enlist because they believe in the mission, in freedom, and in the United States of America.

If Cindy Sheehan were around during World War II, we might all be speaking German right now. About 1,800 US troops have died in Iraq. More died in a single day all the time in World War II. At Pearl Harbor (a pre-emptive strike by the Japanese), we lost 2,403 in two hours. Perhaps we ought not to have joined in the war, if one follows Cindy and the Lefties' logic.

Yesterday was extraordinary at Camp Casey. It was filled with love, passion, and compassion. We started off the day with a prayer service led by religious leaders of all faiths, topped off with a little preaching by the Rev. Al Sharpton who gave an amazing talk in support of Camp Casey and all we are doing. Right before the Rev. Sharpton arrived, Sean Hannity said that if he were truly a man of God, instead of supporting me, the Reverend would "denounce" me for speaking ill of the President. The Reverend didn't take Hannity's advice, and I am glad.
Oh, how extraordinary! The "Reverend" Sharpton! I would rather follow Sean Hannity into a burning fire than follow Al's advice. And what are these Lefties bringing religion in for?

We ended the day reciting a rosary, led by Martin Sheen. Martin said Camp Casey was "holy ground" and he met with the Iraqi veterans and with me. I called him my "dream President." I am so happy that at least I was able to meet with a President, if a TV one, who turns out to be a very nice guy on top of everything.
Does Martin Sheen know the rosary? Why is "Camp Casey" "holy ground"? Because Martin says so? If anyone can declare anywhere "holy ground," then, I declare this room I am seated in "holy ground." Cindy Sheehan, as I am on "holy ground," I say you must go home and grieve in private. I have just as much authority as Martin Sheen to do so (actually, since I am a real Catholic, I probably have more).

And how cute. Martin is Cindy's "dream president." Don't forget, Cindy, he's not really president! He doesn't have any power, other than "Hollywood" power.

Cindy Sheehan needs to wake up and live in the real world. She is only free to say what she does because of men like her son, Casey. He believed in the United States, he believed in the mission in Iraq, and he died to preserve freedom for us and the world.